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released April 19, 2013



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Gillian Nicola Hamilton, Ontario

The first thing that strikes listeners about Hamilton’s (ON) Gillian Nicola is the strength of her vocals. The singer/songwriter calls on influences of folk, rock and alt-country, but it is her vocal delivery and heavy instrumentation that set Nicola apart from the rest. ... more


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Track Name: I Won't Give In
1918 on my mind; HERstory in the making
The years before then,
Her voice, her mind for the taking
Are we moving forwards?
Are we moving backwards?

14 years: just learning to speak her mind
Saw what was going on
Despite it all, knew it was time
Saw what was right
Decided to fight
She didn’t know.

We criticize
But how much better are we?
Try to justify
But we’re just too blind to see

But I won’t give in, no I won't give in.

25 years: just learning to understand
That even though she tries
It’s in the hands of a man
Her body, her life, her right
She wonders if it will be enough to win this fight

Some think we’ve got it right
I think we’ve got it wrong
You gotta use what you can
To stop it all, before we’re too far gone

And I won’t give in, no I won't give in.

Living my life the way I want to be
But I can’t seem to help but find a sense of responsibility
To find what is right
To find what is wrong
Because too few have the voice they need
To stop it all, before we’re too far gone.

And I won't give in, no I won't give in.